New Food Conference October 2021

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The „New Food Conference 2021“ will take place in Cologne from October 10-11 (co-located at ANUGA). You can participate in the hybrid event both online and on site. The on-site tickets are very limited, so it is worth booking quickly.

How do we secure the supply of the world's population sustainably?

Population growth, climate change, animal welfare: the 3rd edition of the New Food Conference is all about forward-looking cellular agriculture, whose goal is to produce meat and other animal products from cell cultures.

Take part and expand your knowledge around biotechnology, hybrid products, fermentation, vegan milk alternatives, cultured animal products such as fish, meat and milk, manufacturing methods, and ethical and legal issues.

Already more than 70 start-ups worldwide have devoted themselves to research in this field, some of which you can already meet at NFC. Be excited to meet: Peace of Meat, Solar Foods, Shiok Meats, Bluu Biosciences, Avant Meats.

Topics of the New Food Conference 2021

Decision-makers from politics and diplomacy, industry and associations, NGOs and start-ups come together to discuss innovations and challenges at the New Food Conference 2021. A selection of this year’s programme:

  • Cultivated meat and fish
  • Algae as a sustainable food for the future
  • Bioprocessing
  • Vegan eggs
  • Fermentation
  • Ethics and politics of cellular agriculture

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