Sleeves up! Together against Corona

Ein Arm mit einem Pflaster, um das ein Herz gemalt ist
Foto: Lara // Pexels

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As the organizer of VeggieWorld, we depend on the fact that we can organize events with many people. The corona pandemic is hitting us, our exhibitors and the entire industry very hard. You can read here how we stand about the restriction of events and the corona vaccination.

Unfortunately, restrictions on events are necessary

To plan and organize events sensibly and safely under the current conditions brings with it uncertainty, great responsibility and challenges. We would like to be able to organize Carefree VeggieWorlds again as soon as possible, so we are making our contribution. We expressly advocate the necessary restrictions on events such as 2G and 2G +, which give everyone involved as much security as possible.

We are vaccinated!

Science agrees: vaccination is the way out of the pandemic. There is also a clear scientific consensus on the benefits and risks of vaccination. Of course, everyone in the VeggieWorld team has been vaccinated for a long time, we work from home if possible and presence in the office takes place under 2G +. We appeal to all people who have not yet been vaccinated but could get vaccinated to come back to the topic. If you have doubts whether the vaccination is compatible with the vegan lifestyle, the following facts will hopefully help.

Is the corona vaccination vegan?

Due to legal regulations, it is currently not possible to develop and market a vaccine without animal testing. This means that the Corona vaccination is by definition not vegan and there will probably be no vegan alternative to the vaccination in the near future. Nevertheless, the vaccination does not fundamentally contradict a vegan understanding of values.

Corona vaccination does not contradict vegan values

Veganism is rational, evidence-based and solidary. The corona vaccination has been shown to play an important role in containing the pandemic and protecting our fellow human beings. In a non-vegan world, it is unfortunately not always possible to be absolutely vegan. The definition of veganism clearly recognizes this. This restriction is particularly relevant in connection with medication and in medical situations, which the Vegan Society also emphasizes:

“The definition of veganism recognizes that it is not always possible or practicable to avoid animal use in a non-vegan world. Sometimes, you may have no alternative to medication manufactured using animal products. Even if other medications are available, they may be less effective, have more side effects or be unsuitable for your healthcare needs. While it can be upsetting to compromise our vegan beliefs, we encourage vegans to look after their health and that of others, enabling them to be effective advocates for veganism. "

Of course, we advocate that research methods that do not involve animal testing be developed or expanded. A general rejection of the corona vaccination due to animal experiments, on the other hand, is not expedient, but rather problematic for our fellow human beings and our own health.

See you at VeggieWorld

The upcoming VeggieWorlds will take place under the corona protective measures legally prescribed at the time of the event. We also reserve the right to set additional corona protective measures for VeggieWorld.

Menschen mit Masken schauen sich auf der VeggieWorld ein veganes Produkt an
Foto: VeggieWorld // Andreas Gebert

We do our best in everyday life to contain the pandemic and, with regard to the upcoming events, we do everything to make VeggieWorld as carefree as possible and at the same time safe for everyone involved. We hope that we can meet a lot of people again at VeggieWorld as soon as possible.

Your VeggieWorld team