Current corona information and hygiene rules

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Status: 07.09.2021

At this point we will keep you up to date on the current corona requirements and hygiene rules of VeggieWorld. The hygiene rules apply to all participants: inside the VeggieWorld.

Corona protection concept for VeggieWorld 2021

The conditions and rules for organizing trade fairs change regularly. They depend on the development of the pandemic and the regionally different corona protection regulations. F. following R. control apply to the VeggieWorld Dates in autumn 2021 .

Extract from the hygiene concept: 3G-PCR rule at VeggieWorlds in autumn 2021

  • For VeggieWorlds in autumn 2021 (VeggieWorld Berlin 2021 and VeggieWorld Munich 2021) the 3G PCR rule .

    That means: Access is only granted to those who have been vaccinated and who have recovered (valid 14 days after the complete vaccination and, in the case of those who have recovered, evidence of the infection that was at least 28 days and a maximum of six months ago) as well as those who have not been vaccinated / who have not recovered with a negative PCR test that is not older than 48 hours. A citizen test or a self-carried out self-test are not sufficient).

    Children from 6-11 years can enter on presentation of a student ID. Children up to 6 years of age who are not yet of compulsory schooling can enter without proof.

  • the 3G-PCR-rule applies to everyone involved (Exhibitors, visitors, service providers, stand builders, stand personnel, our team, press, etc.)
  • There is one Mask requirement (medical masks: FFP2 or medical surgical masks, at least Type II), There will be exceptions to the tasting and consumption of food.
  • We register ALL Visitors, exhibitors, the team, service providers and all other participants to enable contact tracking.
  • We control the flow of visitors at the entrances, in the exhibition area, food court, stage area and sanitary facilities through consistent crowd management in order to avoid too many people.
  • All contact areas and communal facilities will be closely cleaned and disinfected .
  • We guarantee one good ventilation of entrances, halls and stage area.
  • we control compliance with all hygiene measures on site.

The following also applies to all participants

  • In any case, do not take part in VeggieWorld if you have symptoms that are typical of a cold (such as fever, sore throat, cough)!
  • Please pay attention to a comfortable distance from each other for all parties.
  • Regularly use our washing and disinfection facilities, which we provide in numerous places.
  • Avoid unnecessary body contact such as shaking hands and hugs.

Additional information for exhibitors: inside

  • For your and our planning security and to avoid unnecessary bookkeeping for everyone involved, you will only receive the invoice for your VeggieWorld participation 14 days before the event.
  • One corona-related You can cancel your registration free of charge up to 30 days before the date.
  • You are responsible for implementing the hygiene concept at your stands (keywords: hygiene concept for tastings and tastings, trained staff, payment options that are as contactless as possible, spit protection, disinfectant dispensers and surface disinfection). You can use the additional orders to order disinfectants, spit protection, masks and similar accessories from us.
  • We are happy to support you with any questions.
  • The 3G-PCR rule applies to all of your stand personnel, incl. Stand construction personnel. Vaccination, recovered or PCR proof + ID card must be carried with you at all times – especially when leaving and entering the hall, including on the days of assembly and dismantling.

Additional information for visitors: inside

  • before There will be no place Box office give . The online ticket shop will of course be open for the entire duration of the trade fair, so that a ticket can also be purchased digitally on site. Our on-site team is happy to help with online purchases.
  • The ATM function at the cash register is therefore also automatically omitted.

You can find general questions and answers about your visit to VeggieWorld in our Visitor FAQ . Please note that some things have changed compared to previous years, especially when it comes to buying tickets.

Any questions?

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at +49 2132 51022 40 or [email protected]