General Terms


1. Organizer

Wellfairs GmbH
Düsseldorfer Strasse 41
40667 Meerbusch

2. Exhibitors

Exhibitors in the following areas are allowed:

  • Vegan products & meat-free meals
  • plant-based lifestyle
  • Natural cosmetics without animal testing
  • ecological clothing & home textiles
  • organic fair trade products
  • Restaurateurs & show chefs
  • Kitchen Equipment & Appliances
  • Publishers & Internet portals
  • Educational institutions, ethical or ecologically oriented companies
  • Wellness
  • Associations
  • Authorities & institutions

3. Registration

Registration takes place exclusively via the online registration form at and in compliance with these general conditions of participation.

Conditions or reservations listed in the registration are ineffective. Special requests for space will be taken into account whenever possible, but are not a condition for registration. An exclusion of competition is not granted.

The registration is binding until the organizer has informed the exhibitor in writing or by email that the registration has been accepted or rejected. If the organizer’s written declaration is not available within one month of receipt of the registration, the exhibitor can set a deadline of one week and withdraw from the registration after this period has expired.

The data communicated with the registration will be passed on to third parties for processing by EDP and for contract processing.

4. Approval / confirmation of stand

The organizer and / or the admissions committee will decide at their own discretion about the admission of exhibitors and exhibits. There is no legal entitlement to admission. Admission or rejection of the registration will be communicated in writing by the organizer. The admission is not transferable.

5. Allocation and stand location changes

With the admission, but no later than two months before the event, the organizer will notify the exhibitor of the stand space allocated to the exhibitor, enclosing a hall plan. The organizer is free to allocate places. This also applies if the exhibitor’s express request is included in the registration.

The organizer can change the allocation of space and the size of the allocated stand area by a maximum of 20% if there are objective reasons for this, in particular so that the overall visual appearance of the fair is optimized. The organizer is also free to relocate the entrances to the exhibition site or the passageways.

6. Sub-exhibitors, joint stands

Joint stands or sub-exhibitors are only permitted if the organizer approves this in writing. The exhibitors of joint stands are jointly and severally liable to the organizer. A sub-exhibitor is considered to be the main exhibitor’s vicarious agent. The main exhibitor assigns all his claims against the sub-exhibitor to the organizer as security. For each co-exhibitor, the main exhibitor has to pay a processing fee of € 250, – plus VAT payable.

If goods or companies that are not named in the admission are advertised on the stand or if the sub-exhibitor fee has not been paid, the organizer is entitled to terminate the contract with the main exhibitor without notice and to terminate the stand at the exhibitor’s expense and without his consent to have cleared.

7. Withdrawal

Until the written approval, the exhibitor can withdraw against payment of a processing fee of 25% of the stand rent.

After the admission has been received, full or partial withdrawal is no longer permitted. Should an exhibitor nevertheless not be able to take part in the exhibition, the organizer will endeavor – but without obligation – to rent the stand space to someone else. Income generated in this way, less costs incurred, will be offset against the exhibitor’s stand rental. The organizer has the right to terminate the contract without notice if an application is made to initiate settlement or bankruptcy proceedings against the exhibitor’s assets if the exhibitor has not already paid the full stand rental.

8. Guarding

In order to maintain general order, the organizer will guard the exhibition grounds. This does not result in any additional liability on the part of the organizer or a waiver of liability exclusions. The organizer is entitled to carry out the control measures necessary for security on each exhibition stand.

9. Entering foreign exhibition stands

Outside of the daily exhibition opening times, third-party stands may not be entered without the permission of the stand owner.

10. Sales regulations

Direct sales and sales via order book are permitted.

11. Advertising on the Trade Fair premises

Printed matter and advertising material may only be distributed within the rented stand, but not in the hall aisles or on the exhibition grounds. When designing outdoor advertising, the technical guidelines of the organizer and the hall owner must be observed.

Advertising measures that violate competition regulations, legal prohibitions or morality are not permitted. Advertising measures that have an ideological or political character or that annoy other exhibitors or trade fair visitors are also not permitted. Advertising material that violates this can be confiscated and secured by the organizer for the duration of the event. The tolerance of advertising material by the organizer does not release the exhibitor from complying with legal regulations.

12. Technical services

The organizer is responsible for the general heating, cooling and lighting of the hall. The costs for the installation of electrical, water, gas and compressed air connections for the individual stands as well as the costs for consumption and all other services will be charged to the exhibitors (main tenants of the stand) separately.

All installations up to the stand may only be carried out by specialist companies approved by the organizer. Within the stand, installations can also be carried out by other specialist companies, which must be notified to the organizer. The organizer is entitled, but not obliged, to check the installations. The exhibitor is liable for any damage caused by the installations.

Connections, machines and devices that are not permitted, do not comply with the relevant regulations or whose consumption is higher than reported can be removed at the exhibitor’s expense. For safety reasons, the exhibitors are prohibited from using the power connections of other exhibitors. The stand owner is liable for all damage caused by the uncontrolled extraction of energy. The organizer is not liable for losses and damage caused by disruptions to the energy supply.

The conditions of participation of VeggieWorld and the technical guidelines for exhibitors are part of these general terms and conditions.

13. Cleaning

The organizer takes care of the cleaning of the site, the halls and the corridors. There is a fee of 3 € plus VAT and per square meter.

The exhibitor is responsible for cleaning the stands and must finish each day before the start of the event. If the exhibitor does not have his own staff clean, only companies approved by the organizer may be commissioned with the cleaning.

14. Exhibition insurance and exclusion of liability

The organizer is not liable for damage or loss of the exhibits or the stand facilities, for damage from fire, burglary, water damage or force majeure. The exhibitor is free to insure these risks himself at his own expense. In the interest of general order, however, all damage caused by the exhibitor due to the above risks must be reported immediately to the organizer, and in the event of criminal offenses also to the police.

However, the organizer is liable for such damage that he or his vicarious agents have caused through gross negligence or intent, insofar as the resulting direct damage is involved.

15. Salvo

If the organizer is unable to hold the trade fair or only partially or at other times for reasons for which he is not responsible, the exhibitor is not entitled to any compensation. If the trade fair is only held for a short period, the stand rental will be reduced accordingly and the excess will be paid back. If a trade fair cannot take place, the organizer remains entitled to withhold up to 25% of the stand rental as a processing fee, unless the exhibitor can only prove that the expenditure is significantly lower.

16. Right of owner or occupier of premises to undisturbed possession

The organizer exercises house rights on the entire exhibition grounds for the construction, running and dismantling times of the event. The organizer is entitled to issue instructions. Dogs are forbidden.

17. Oral agreements

All changes or additions to this contract must be made in writing to be effective.

18. Limitation period

All claims of the exhibitors against the organizer, regardless of the legal basis, expire within six months of the last official day of the fair.

19. Place of jurisdiction

The place of jurisdiction for disputes arising from this contract is the registered office of the organizer. German law applies.

Status: January 2015