Exhibit at Veggieworld

Seven good reasons

1 Veggieworld is the largest public exhibition for the different lifestyle.

2 VeggieWorld is a personal platform and a direct marketing channel. You will meet a curious target group who would like to make their consumption behavior (more) plant-based and who spend money on good food and fair products instead of expensive cars. And that with pinpoint accuracy and almost no wastage.

3 VeggieWorld has a trade visitor share of 10-15%. We offer the only specialized shopping platform for gastronomy and retail.

4 Products and services can be sold locally. For the majority of the exhibitors, the on-site turnover is at least cost-covering, not including follow-up business.

5 We know how to market VeggieWorld. An average of 8,000 visitors per trade fair speaks for itself.

6 We have many years of experience in organizing trade fairs. You can expect the highest level of professionalism, hospitality and a lot of fun.

7 With ProVeg International, we have the largest international nutrition organization with a vegan orientation as a close partner on board as well as numerous strong media partners and NGOs from the vegan scene.

That's what exhibitors say

A weekend full of highlights

“As always, all employees were very competent, the stand builders provide support in every matter and are very well organized. All in all, a perfect trade fair with great customers. Ve had a good time. “

– Prolupin GmbH, exhibitor VeggieWorld Wiesbaden 2020

“The fair is worthwhile for exhibitors and visitors. A great atmosphere, great products and very nice people. “

– Berief Food GmbH, exhibitor VeggieWorld Düsseldorf 2019

“It was my first time there and I am amazed at this fair. I’ve been doing this since 2010 (just another area) and have rarely seen an organization like this. In addition, nice and polite manners, you approach you when you have problems and don’t wave you away. “

– Metalbride, exhibitor VeggieWorld Wiesbaden 2020


The total price for a trade fair stand at VeggieWorld results from the stand rental (size and type of stand space, the location, the booking period and the media flat rate) as well as the individual additional orders, which are optional (electricity, rental walls and furniture).

The total price for the desired exhibition stand will be displayed in the registration form before you make a binding booking. Of course, you can have a placement proposal sent to you before registering.

Price examples

VeggieWorld Hamburg

10 sqm corner stand

Incl. Early booking discount and additional stand costs

Total rental costs € 1,416.00

plus individual additional orders (electricity, rental walls and furniture)

VeggieWorld Berlin

12 sqm row stand

Incl. Additional stand costs

Total rental costs € 1,651.20

plus individual additional orders (electricity, rental walls and furniture)

The fine print

We are happy to offer you numerous equipment features for your stand for rent. Here is a price overview of the most important products. These are average prices from the previous year. The current prices may differ. You will get access to our ordering system with the binding prices about three months before the fair.

Wechselstromanschluss inkl. Verbrauch

ca. 100,00 EUR

Drehstromanschluss inkl. Verbrauchca. 250,00 EUR
Trennwand weiß, pro lfm.ca. 30,00 EUR
Tisch 140×70 cmca. 40,00 EUR
Tisch 70×70 cmca. 25,00 EUR
Stuhl ohne Armlehneca. 18,00 EUR
Teppich pro qmca. 12,00 EUR

What to pay attention to?

frequently asked Questions

At VeggieWorld there are only vegan products approved. You can find out which products and offers are approved as vegan or vegan-relevant at VeggieWorld in the Admission requirements.

VeggieWorld is primarily a consumer fair. As a rule, 95% of the time you will meet end consumers and around 5% trade visitors (restaurateurs, hoteliers, retailers, chain stores or wholesalers).

The average vegg ieWorld target group 71% is female, educated and has a good to very good income. Around 56% of the visitors are vegan people, the remaining 44% are mostly vegetarians and flexitarians. Only around 3% describe themselves as “meat eaters” (figures are based on the results of visitor surveys over the past few years).

There is no general answer to this. We would be happy to inform and advise you individually and send you non-binding placement suggestions! You can find your contact person here.

There is no registration deadline for exhibitors. Of course, we can only accept as many registrations as we have booths. Once all stand space has been allocated, we will no longer accept registrations. Early registration is worthwhile, as we offer an early bird discount and the selection of stands is correspondingly larger. A very short-term registration can cause you additional costs, since some additional orders can then only be made on site.

The minimum size is 6 m². Our experience shows that this is the minimum size in order to present products or services in a professional and visually appealing way. Since we see ourselves as a professional trade fair and not as a festival or market, an appealing presentation is very important to us. The visitors will also thank you and us.

For start-ups, we offer a stand package at an affordable all-inclusive price. The price includes 4 m² stand space, stand walls, carpet and a 1 kW power connection.
Start-ups are companies that have not been active for more than 18 months.

If you already know which date and which stand size you prefer and whether it should be a row, corner or head stand, please contact us . You will then receive a specific hall plan within 24 hours Placement suggestions.

No, except with our special start-up offer, you only rent the stand space. Since the needs of our exhibitors are very different, you book walls and many other equipment features individually online.

Be aware of your goals and plan your trade fair appearance accordingly. Is your goal to sell as much as possible locally? Then think about an attractive trade fair offer, for example. In our free VeggieWorld Guide you will find further tips for a successful trade fair participation.

Unfortunately, we cannot predict how well visitors will like your product and how many people will try and / or buy it. Attractive trade fair offers (special prices) and a visually appealing stand increase your chances of a successful sale. In the case of food, we recommend serving samples. We also recommend asking experienced exhibitors with similar products for tips and our free VeggieWorld Guide to read. Have you experienced the first mass, you can go to orientate the expected number of visitors.

As soon as the orders are activated (approx. Three months before the event), you can log into the portal and book the corresponding electricity in the “Electrical installation” form. You will automatically receive information about this by email.

That depends entirely on how many and which devices you use at the stand. Basically you should choose between an AC connection with 2.3 kW or a three-phase connection (different powers).

By adding up the performance of your respective devices, you determine which power connection you need. Electrical equipment usually has a nameplate. This is usually attached to the underside of the device and indicates the consumption in W (watt). For some devices, the power consumption is given in A (amperes). In this case the given number has to be multiplied by 230 and you get the consumption in watts.

  • If you only have small consumers, such as a mobile phone charger, a laptop power supply or a refrigerator or freezer, then an order of 2.3 kW is sufficient.
  • If you have a standard kettle (approx. 2000 W) and a hotplate (approx. 3200 W) then you should order a 16A three-phase connection.
  • You need a high-voltage connection if your total consumption is greater than 3000 W (3 kW).
    • 16A CEE three-phase connection -> Max. Power 10 kW
    • 32A CEE three-phase connection -> Max. Power 19 kW
    • 63A CEE three-phase connection -> Max. Power 36 kW

If you are unsure, please contact us with the details of which devices you would like to use on site. Then we can provide binding information.

Please note that your devices must be checked. As a trade fair stand operator, you are obliged to test portable electrical equipment in accordance with DIN VDE 0701-0702. If your devices do not have a valid test seal or test protocol, the hall operator can shut down the device in question. Our technical service provider also offers an on-site inspection of your devices. You will automatically receive information on this before the fair.

In theory yes, but in practice we advise against it. On the one hand, we cannot guarantee that the desired product or service will be available on site. We often work with external service providers who do not have their warehouse on site and only take a small amount of reserve material with them.

On the other hand we have to charge you a surcharge of 30% on the normal price for orders on site. Here we pass on the surcharge of our service providers, who also incur costs for maintaining reserves.

The media flat rate includes the entry in the trade fair catalog (print & online). Visitors can find out what they will find at your stand on the homepage in advance. Therefore, please fill out your exhibitor profile and catalog data as early as possible. In addition, there is a printed catalog for visitors on site, in which your information can also be found.
You also have the option of booking media services to draw attention to yourself and your products. Our media services can be booked via the additional orders per trade fair and by individual arrangement. Here you can find our media services at a glance.

The parking options are different depending on the location. You will receive the most important information by email no later than 4 weeks before the event. There is also communicated where exhibitors can park.

Almost all federal states offer individual or group funding programs. We have provided you with an overview on our homepage. The list has been created to the best of our knowledge and extensive research, but of course does not claim to be complete.https://veggieworld.eco/foerderprogramme-fuer-aussteller

The possibility of cooking at the stand is handled differently in each location. If you would like to prepare samples at your stand, we ask you to register this. For this we need the planned method of preparation and the equipment that is to be used for it.

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