Frequently asked questions from visitors


VeggieWorld is a trade fair for the vegan lifestyle. There are exhibitors from the food and non-food sector. The offer includes food, direct food, clothing, cosmetics, vegan services, vegan initiatives, projects and non-profit associations.

At almost all food suppliers you can try products before you buy. Many exhibitors give a trade fair discount on their products.

Most exhibitors are in the food sector. At VeggieWorld locations in Germany, the ratio is on average 70% (food exhibitors) to 30% (non-food exhibitors).

Food, cosmetics, clothing and textiles must meet the “vegan” criterion. Projects, initiatives, services, media and other non-food products are approved if they are vegan or interested in a vegan lifestyle. We also include adjacent areas for which the vegan target group is potentially interested, such as zero waste, kitchen accessories and yoga.

Only vegan products can be shown and sold at VeggieWorld. However, companies are also admitted as exhibitors with vegan products that do not operate purely vegan.

No, only products that are vegan may be exhibited and sold at VeggieWorld.

Yes. The group of non-food exhibitors at VeggieWorld includes exhibitors from the fields of cosmetics, clothing & textiles, services, NGOs, projects, media and other products that are of interest in connection with a vegan lifestyle. However, the larger proportion of exhibitors belongs to the food sector. These exhibitors offer food or food for direct consumption. The proportion of non-food exhibitors at VeggieWorld locations in Germany accounts for an average of 30%.

Only vegan products can be exhibited, tasted and sold at VeggieWorld. The restriction to vegan products includes all products that are vegan according to the recipe, i.e. animal ingredients are not intentionally added throughout the manufacturing process. Trace indications for animal ingredients do not mean that animal ingredients are actually contained in the final product. The information draws attention to possible impurities and allergens, which can occur to a minimum extent and due to production. Such possible impurities can often not exclude vegan producers if they do not have their own production facilities. In terms of the value chain, food must be vegan from harvest onwards.

With our approval criteria for vegan foods at VeggieWorld, we are guided by the international standards that underlie licensing with the vegan V-label. Licensing as vegan by the V-label or other vegan seal of approval is desired, but not a prerequisite for admission to VeggieWorld.

Before an exhibitor is admitted to the fair, we check the offer. Each exhibitor confirms in the registration process that only vegan products are exhibited. Our team on site checks the exhibited product ranges on site in the best possible way.

If you still discover a product that is not vegan with an exhibitor, please let us know. The best way to contact our team on site is to respond as quickly as possible. There is always someone from our team on site at the information in the entrance area as a contact person for you!

At VeggieWorld, small and large companies will show what is new in the vegan sector – and of course the tried and tested. There are purely vegan manufacturers as well as companies that do not operate purely vegan. At VeggieWorld you will find the vegan product innovations of established brands, as well as vegan founders and start-ups, vegan gourmet products, online retailers and also larger food retailers and corporations. Both food and non-food products are approved, as well as vegan services, vegan initiatives, projects and non-profit associations. Political parties are also admitted as exhibitors. VeggieWorld positions itself as a party-politically neutral event, for this reason no party political content is allowed in the lecture program.

Any company that decides to add vegan products to its range contributes to making vegan products more popular and popular. The aim of VeggieWorld is to promote and promote the spread of the vegan lifestyle. For us, this also includes mapping the great availability of vegan products and targeting a broad target group.

We warmly welcome the decision of large food retailers, discounters, (meat) companies and other companies with great market power to include more and more vegan products in their assortment.

At VeggieWorld, we will be showing the widest possible range of companies of all sizes, as we see a great social benefit in bringing a simple implementation of the vegan lifestyle closer to a broad audience.

All products on display and sold at VeggieWorld must meet the “vegan” criterion. Apart from ingredients of animal origin, we do not currently prohibit any other potentially critical raw materials or packaging.

VeggieWorld wants to show as much variety as possible and inspire a broad target group for the choice of plant alternatives. We see a great ecological and social benefit in bringing an uncomplicated implementation of the vegan lifestyle closer to a broad audience. Choosing plant alternatives is the most effective way to reduce its ecological footprint. For many end users, a strictly vegan zero-waste lifestyle is not conceivable, but the choice of vegan alternatives is often the first step in this direction.

For most vegan people, careful use of resources and the prevention of waste are already part of this. Our exhibitors also know this. Many VeggieWorld exhibitors deal with the topic and use sustainable packaging or work intensively on sustainable supply chains and solutions. You will also find exhibitors at VeggieWorld who offer products from the Zero Waste sector.

The products on display and sold at VeggieWorld must meet the “vegan” criterion. Apart from ingredients of animal origin, we do not currently exclude raw materials.

Especially for palm oil, it is fundamentally not a “bad” oil. It takes less space and time to grow than comparable oil plants. Cultivation projects for fair organic palm oil show that primary and secondary forest clearing can be avoided and for local smallholders the cultivation of oil palms can be a way out of poverty.

In general, we do not think it makes sense to categorically exclude certain raw materials. Of course, the list of plant raw materials that have potentially critical effects on the environment and animals is almost endless: avocados and almonds from water-poor areas, cocoa, coffee, bananas and other southern fruits, flying goods and even the regional organic tomato can theoretically be grown wonderfully in the heated greenhouse. In our highly complex global economy, raw material is not the same as raw material.

What is certain, however, is that the choice of plant products is the most effective way to reduce its ecological footprint in the field of nutrition. On the basis of the previous statements, it does not seem reasonable to us to further restrict this core criterion of VeggieWorld.

Many VeggieWorld exhibitors already obtain their raw materials from carefully selected sources and are working intensively on sustainable supply chains and solutions. We call on all our exhibitors to operate as sustainably as possible.

We oblige our exhibitors to use only reusable solutions or environmentally friendly disposable solutions for tastings and direct consumption. We offer exhibitors a rinsing service for reusable dishes as well as an ordering option for environmentally friendly disposable dishes. You can help reduce the amount of garbage by bringing your own reusable solutions for tasting and direct consumption. Since the hygiene regulations in Germany are very strict, unfortunately not all foods can be tasted without the need for waste.

Our online ticket does not have to be printed out, but can also be scanned by showing it on your smartphone.


VeggieWorld has been called VeggieWorld since its inception in 2011. At that time, VeggieWorld started as a vegetarian fair, and since 2015 VeggieWorld has been a vegan trade fair. We decided against renaming in 2015 because we want to reach the widest possible target group with VeggieWorld. The term “veggie” is intended to appeal to vegan and vegetarian people as well as “veggie enthusiasts”. However, only vegan products and projects will be exhibited at the fair.

With VeggieWorld we want to contribute to the acceptance and spread of the vegan lifestyle. Because the vegan lifestyle is the easiest way to reduce your personal ecological footprint and make a contribution to animal welfare and global food justice.

We find that showing delicious vegan food and vegan product diversity is one of the most effective ways to spread the vegan lifestyle. To this end, we are designing a diverse trade fair with a programme to inform and inspire people, whether they are already vegan or simply interested in the vegan lifestyle. VeggieWorld is not a non-profit company. With our revenues, we support the work of ProVeg and finance the expansion of VeggieWorld abroad.

Hosting a trade fair involves high costs. With hall rental, costs for the program, various service providers for trade fair construction and electricity, security services up to office rent and the income of our team, six-figure costs per event are incurred. In order to make stand fees affordable for exhibitors, we also depend on ticket revenues. Part of your ticket price will also benefit ProVeg’s vegan projects.

For the ticket price you will be offered a professionally organized fair with a great atmosphere. Many exhibitors offer free tastings, products at a discounted trade fair price or other promotions. You can also use the ticket to attend all lectures and shows on the Veggie Stage.

Messe Dortmund GmbH has been the new brand owner of VeggieWorld since 2021, so you will come across the imprint of Messe Dortmund or contact persons from Dortmund’s Westfalenhallen at some points in our communication. Wellfairs GmbH continues to be the implementing company of VeggieWorld. Therefore, much remains as usual and we from the VeggieWorld team are there for you on site with the familiar faces. In the future too, VeggieWorld will stand for diversity instead of renunciation, vegan innovations instead of outdated traditions. VeggieWorld remains an event format with the aim of getting the broadest possible audience enthusiastic about the vegan way of life.

ProVeg was the founder of the idea and co-initiator of VeggieWorld in 2011 and is still patron and close cooperation partner of the organizer. ProVeg is the first global nutrition organization to promote the plant-based lifestyle. ProVeg supports the organiser in the areas of supporting programme and exhibitor selection, especially in terms of content. ProVeg will be involved in the exhibitor and visitor revenues.

The Nederlandse Vereniging voor Veganisme (NVV) is the new partner of VeggieWorld Netherlands since 2022. We are very happy and grateful to have found such a well-connected and professional partner for VeggieWorld in the Netherlands and are very much looking forward to the cooperation. Previously, we worked very successfully with ProVeg Netherlands (formerly “Viva Las Vegas”) from 2016 until 2020 and are very grateful for this fruitful collaboration. ProVeg Netherlands has decided to set a different focus and to no longer support VeggieWorld to the same extent as in the last years.

VeggieWorld is party-politically and religiously neutral. We explicitly distance ourselves from speciesism, racism, sexism, religious fanaticism and other inhumane ideologies.

We want to reach as many people as possible with VeggieWorld and inspire them to the vegan way of life. With this mission, it’s only natural that we want to make room for as diverse a range of people and perspectives as possible on our team, in our magazine and on stage. Applications from women*, BIPoC and people with disabilities are especially welcome.

We use gender-neutral language whenever possible, alternating feminine and masculine forms or using a colon for gender. In places we use the generic masculine. We gender inconsistently because we have not yet been able to revise our communication in all places and we have not yet found the best solution for discrimination-free language for all areas. We learn every day and understand this state as “work in progress”.


Regulations regarding events change regularly and vary by region. You will find the applicable rules on the respective location page for the trade fair date (always as up-to-date and transparent as we can make it). We reserve the right to make short-term adjustments to the protective measures.

Great! You should have already received an email that describes how you can redeem your ticket or voucher for one of the upcoming dates. The tickets remain valid, but they must be exchanged online.

Tickets can be paid for in the VeggieWorld online ticket shop via PayPal, SofortÜberweisung / Klarna, giropay or credit card.

That differs from stand to stand. Please note that not all exhibitors (can) offer electronic payment options. We recommend that you bring enough cash with you when you want to go shopping.

There is no box office. Of course, you can still buy tickets on site via the online shop. Our team will be happy to support you on site if necessary.

No, you can help us avoid garbage by showing your ticket on your smartphone.

Yes, the tickets were only temporarily day- and person-specific in favor of infection control. Now, the day ticket is valid again on a fair day of your choice and the tickets are no longer personal.

The tickets are generally excluded from exchange. It is possible to exchange a ticket for another VeggieWorld at any time. In this case, please write to info@wellfairs.de.

ALG II recipients, schoolchildren, students, pension recipients and people with disabilities are entitled to a reduced ticket. Accompanying persons for persons with disabilities will receive free admission if the sign B is indicated in the ID card. Please carry the relevant proof with you and show it at the entrance. The online tickets that have already been discounted have the same price for all groups of people. Children up to and including 14 are free of charge when accompanied by an adult.

We are tenants in the different locations. Possible parking fees and their amount depend on the location, as tenants we usually do not have a say. When selecting locations, we attach great importance to good accessibility by car and public transport, unfortunately we cannot always ensure ideal conditions. Event locations that meet all our needs are rare.

Yes, carrying larger bags and backpacks is allowed. You are welcome to use our cloakroom, no liability is assumed for valuables.

Yes, drinking bottles are allowed. You can help reduce the amount of garbage by also bringing your own reusable solutions for tasting and direct consumption.

We are tenants in various locations and pay attention to humane and inclusive design of the buildings when selecting our locations. As a rule, the entire exhibition area and the sanitary facilities are barrier-free.

Children up to 14 years have free entry to VeggieWorld. Children’s programs have not been in high demand in the past, which is why we do not offer a special children’s program at every location. You can find out whether there is an offer for children in the program of the respective location.

We are tenants in different locations where the space available for breastfeeding and winding facilities differs. If there is no room in the respective location, please contact us. We can usually offer a solution, even if it is improvised.

Take care of your animals and the other visitors to the fair and please leave your pets at home. A fair with lots of people, food and high noise is not a suitable place for pets, so bringing pets is not allowed.

We produce photo and video material at our events and issue filming permits to the press. We use the material for our press and public relations work. Photo and video material is published on our online and offline channels, in advertising media and, if applicable, third-party media.

Our data protection information in accordance with Art 13 GDPR can be found on our data protection page.