admission requirements

Food & Beverage

According to the recipe, the product must be vegan.

According to the recipe vegan means:

  • the product itself is free of any ingredients of animal origin*
  • no excipients of animal origin** were used in the production process (system limit: from harvest)
  • allowed: production-related traces of milk, egg, honey***
  • not a necessary condition, but welcome: certification or license as “vegan”, for example with the V-label

*Product is free of meat, gelatine, fish, milk, egg, honey, beeswax and their products or other products of animal origin.

**The production process is vegan from harvest, i.e. no animal products are used in the production process that do not need to be indicated on the ingredients list (example: use of gelatine to clarify wine and juice or use of non-vegetable nutrient solutions).

***but not of meat or crustaceans

Clothing & Textiles

Vegan means that no raw materials such as fur, leather, down, feathers, wool, ivory, silk, horn or other products of animal origin were used for the production of the final product.

Toiletries & Cosmetics

Vegan means:

  • the final product is free of animal testing
  • the final product does not contain raw materials of animal origin
  • not a necessary condition, but welcome: certification or license as “vegan”, for example with the V-label.

Services & Projects

Presented services and projects must be of interest in connection with the vegan lifestyle.

  • Services: These include, for example, ethical banks that do not invest in mass animal husbandry, vegan travel providers, vegan consulting, health insurance companies and much more.
  • Projects: These include, for example, associations, initiatives, parties* and projects dedicated to promoting vegan lifestyles, animal welfare or animal rights.

*Political parties committed to animal welfare, animal rights and the vegan lifestyle will be approved as exhibitors. VeggieWorld is neutral in terms of party politics. Therefore, no party political lectures are allowed in the lecture program.

Media, kitchen accessories, other lifestyle products

Media: Books, magazines, magazines and DVDs that are of interest in connection with the vegan way of life.

Other lifestyle products:

  • Products must be vegan (no leather applications or similar)
  • Basically, the product must have a connection to the vegan lifestyle or to an area that tends to interest the target group, such as yoga, zero waste, fitness, wellness or cooking.

Trust & Responsibility

VeggieWorld is a vegan fair. Up to 60 percent of our practitioners eat and live vegan. Our visitors trust that they can safely taste and buy all products. Please ensure that your trade fair staff can provide information about the products and raw materials and that products with animal components are not accidentally exhibited, tasted or sold. If you have any questions about whether your product meets our criteria, please contact us, we will be happy to advise you.

In principle, our responsibility is not limited to animals. We and our visitors value products that are as sustainable as possible overall.

In addition, we kindly ask you to use reusable dishes as much as possible for tasting. We offer a dish washing service. If you use disposable dishes, please use only environmentally friendly materials. You also have the possibility to obtain sustainable tasting tableware via our additional orders, which you can easily receive on site. Also, don’t be surprised if visitors come to the stand with their own reusable dishes. We motivate our visitors to bring this with them.

Exhibitors who disseminate racist, violent, pornographic, sexist or destructive ideas are excluded from our trade fair. We reserve the right to refuse applications without giving reasons. Please note our Terms and Conditions.