TOP 5 vegan summer destinations in Europe

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If you haven’t booked your vacation yet, or if you plan to go for holidays later this year, here is our TOP 5 of the best vegan hotspots in Europe!!! Not only they are beautiful, culturally important cities, no… they are also providing a large and various offer of vegan shops, events and restaurants (and of course, each city already hosted a VeggieWorld ;-))

Discover our TOP 5 holiday hotspots in Europe!


Berlin is the capital of Germany and probably also the capital of veganism. Why? Because it counts more than 300 vegan restaurants and shops, it’s the leader of German, vegan start-ups and furthermore the home for the headquarter of our premium partner ProVeg. You can find vegan ice cream, vegan döner kebab and vegan fashion every 500 meters – and that’s no joke 😉 Find out when the next VeggieWorld takes place in Berlin!


Barcelona was recently listed as the world’s most vegan friendly city, and if you like art, nature and the sea – this is simply the best summer destination for you! Next to the famous cathedral Sagrada Familia you find the vegan store Vegacelona, if the temperatures go too high you can cool down with vegan sorbets from Shanti Gelato, and if you don’t like the classical sightseeing tours, you should definely try the ones organised by Vegan Food Tours!!

The next VeggieWorld Barcelona is no more than two months, you can already subscribe here for Early Bird tickets!


This Dutch town is not only one of the most eco-friendly places to live but also an amazing vegan hotspot in Europe: on HappyCow you find already more than 500 vegan (or „with vegan options“) spots. One of our favourite ones is of course the one and only Dutch Weed Burger and its famous green weed bun!

Do you also know the typical Dutch pancakes called „Poffertjes“? You will find vegan options in nearly every restaurant – for example at the „best pancakes“ store Happy Pig!


Paris, the city of love, wine and cheese – yes, you heard right! But we are not talking about cheese made of cow milk, but about vegan cheese. Imagine, they even have a vegan cheese factory (if you want to visit it, it’s Jay & Joy). And concerning the wine producers: today, the offer of vegan certified wines and even champagne is great, why not tasting for example the one of Galoupeau?

Or come over and discover the vegan brands in Paris at the next VeggieWorld taking place from the 12th to 13th of October!


Last but not least: London!!! It is the city with most vegan events in Europe, from food festivals overs trade shows to local one-day-food-markets. But let’s not talk only „food“, there is also a fantastic offer of vegan fashion such as the Wills Vegan Store, providing vegan, cruelty-free fashion and accessories for her, him and kids! But still, if you are hungry, you shouldn’t miss the organic cakes and pastries from the Vegan Sweet Tooth.

We hope, that you will find your perfect summer destinations and wish you already a happy vegan summer vacation!!!

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