Vegan Ethical Lifestyle

VE-Lifestyle is a small Belgian company created in 2020 during the pandemic, offering vegan ethical shoes and accessories. In 2023, we decided to implement our bold plan and start producing vegan, ethical accessories under our own brand. The main reason for our decision was to introduce elegant and stylish high-quality products made of plant-based materials to the market. And that’s how our first product was born – the miniBox bag. Our bag is made of Italian grape leather on the outside and corn leather with recycled PET, on the inside. The bags are sewn by hand in a very small workshop in Krakow, where highly specialized workers create them with surgical precision. VE-lifestyle would like to show you that fashion without abusing people, harming animals and devastating environment is possible. That you can be well dressed being ethical. We want to change YOUR way of thinking and YOUR perception of the world. We would like to show you that you can buy a pair of high-quality vegan shoes and enjoy them for a long time. That they can be well done, stylish and fashionable.

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