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KUMI Sneakers was born in Barcelona in 2020. We’re Alexandra and Sergio, an international couple who decided to start our own project and dedicating ourselves to what we’re truly passionated about: sustainable fashion. Despite being from two different parts of the world, we identify ourselves with the same interests: we are so lively– we love travelling, spending our time at the mountain or beach, discovering new places, trying new food – and we never miss the chance to wear a pair of comfortable and cool sneakers. Therefore, we decided to create a project fitting our lifestyle and values: · Respect and love for animals: we adopted a puppy that we love madly and we want to make sure animals are treated with the same dignity. · Sustainable fashion industry: using vegan, sustainable and recycled materials with the goal of sustainable fashion in mind. · Local economy support: reducing CO2 impact and creating bonds with national companies.

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