Fees for exhibitors

In addition to the booth rent, we charge VeggieWorld exhibitors various fees, which we explain here as transparently as possible:

Media flat rate

With the income from the media flat rate of EUR 60.00 per exhibitor, we cover part of the costs for advertising VeggieWorld. These include:

  • 700-1,000 posters in city and region (printing and media costs)
  • Ads in local media
  • Flyer production and distribution in city and region (5.000 – 10.000 pieces per fair)
  • Social media campaigns (Facebook & Instagram)
  • Google Ads and other online advertising
  • Exhibition catalog (offline and online)
  • Press relations

Disposal fee

With the disposal fee of 3,00 EUR per rented sqm we compensate a part of the costs for the disposal of waste. A large amount of waste is generally generated during trade fair events. This must be collected, separated, placed in the containers and disposed of at the end. Costs are incurred here particularly in the areas of personnel and container/disposal fees.

AUMA exhibitor contribution

In accordance with its statutes, AUMA, as the umbrella organization of the German trade fair industry, represents, among other things, the interests of domestic and foreign exhibitors in Germany as a trade fair location. Exhibitors at German trade fairs and exhibitions therefore contribute EUR 0.60 per rented sqm to AUMA’s activities, depending on the size of the stand area.

AUMA’s association work benefits exhibitors by providing services. This includes free information and advice on all aspects of trade fair participation, in particular through the online trade fair database, the creation of market transparency, representation of interests and lobbying at state and federal level as well as at European and international level.

With its Institute of the German Trade Fair Industry, AUMA awards research contracts and supports scientific research at universities and training and further education for the industry. AUMA also coordinates the selection of trade fairs as part of programs with which the German Federal Ministries of Economic Affairs and Energy and Food and Agriculture support exhibitors at trade fairs abroad. It also provides exhibitors with information on funding programs at state and EU level for trade fair appearances at home and abroad. AUMA is also involved in the federal government’s support program for young, innovative companies at German trade fairs.

Environmental levy

For several years now, we have been making great financial and content-related efforts to be able to organize the VeggieWorld trade fairs as sustainably as possible.

A trade fair today and in the foreseeable future can never be conducted in a completely climate-neutral manner and without generating waste.

But we are trying to get as close as possible to this goal, which is still impossible today.

The costs of approaching this goal are rising steadily, so we feel compelled to pass them on to exhibitors, at least in part.

Specifically, we use the revenue from the environmental levy for the following measures that have a positive impact on the environment:

  • Financial compensation for all CO2 emissions generated during the printing of advertising materials
  • Selection of trade fair locations that use green electricity
  • Use of green electricity in the organizer’s office
  • Financial compensation of CO2 emissions caused by the travel of the exhibition team to the event location (preferably by train)
  • Use of CO2-neutral servers
  • Waste separation in the office and in the respective trade fair locations
  • Waste reduction through increased use of reusable materials