Visitor record at VeggieWorld Paris

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Review VeggieWorld Paris October 2019

A few days ago, VeggieWorld Paris closed its doors with a visitor record since it’s first edition in April 2016. This 8th edition welcomed 6,800 visitors, thereof 75% women as well as also many families with kids. Following our after show survey, 93% of our exhibitors were highly satisfied with this edition and are tempting to come back in 2020.

120 exhibitors and 20% start-ups

Three years ago, VeggieWorld Paris welcomed 90 exhibitors. Even though, the French vegan market is still at its beginning, VeggieWorld could grow up to 120 exhibitors since its first edition. The global offer of vegan products gets more and more accessible and entrepreneurs and young companies are launching their own vegan product lines. At this edition, 20% of the exhibitors were start-ups (which means companies not older than 18 months).

A famous visit from Canada

We invited a special guest at VeggieWorld Paris, the famous vegan chef Jean-Philippe Cyr from Montréal in Canada. During two days, he animated amazing cooking shows, thereof one in the style as a « battle » with our local, French vegan star chef Sébastien Kardinal. Without any doubt, the conference room was filled in less than one minute and participatns applauded almost endlessly.. But don’t forget with all the fun we had, for which cause it is! Too many animals are suffering from our abuse and we try our best to bring the vegan lifestyle closer to the society by proposing an informative platform with VeggieWorld and having key speakers and more than hundred vegan brands at each of our events.

Ten companies from outside France

The clear advantage of VeggieWorld is the fact that they take place all over Europe and thus, many companies do also exhibit in other towns. For the first time for example, VeggieWorld Düsseldorf will have an exhibitor pavilion dedicated for French vegan brands this weekend. And the last event in Paris could count a bit more than ten companies from Germany, Belgium and Switzerland. Our visitors appreciate the international character of the show and we hope to still grow the presence of international companies for the next events.

Expert talks

As at every VeggieWorld, we invite experts to talk about the vegan lifestyle. This means nutritionists such as Doctor Jérôme Bernard Pellet, France’ most famous medical nutritionist, who did hold an extensive conference for a healthy, plantbased cooking, or Constantin Imbs, president of the French Vegan Society and specialised in all questions about the vitamine B12. Furthmore, associations for animal protection (PETA, L214, Animal Testing…), food allergy institutions (Afdiag) and local event organisers (Veggie Pride) are there to exchange about the vegan lifestyle and answer detailed questions.

Paris – next dates

As usual, Paris’ VeggieWorld takes place twice a year. The nex dates are 25-26 April 2020 and 9-11 October 2020. The October event will exceptionnally take place during three days since it will open exclusively to professional visitors on Friday the 9th October 2020 (supermarkets, restaurants, journalists…). Subcription can be taken any time through our homepage. We are happy to welcome you!!!