Women's Cooking Project presents: Malaysian comfort food (Eng)

For the last 15 years Samantha has been one of the most influential people in the Western plant based food scene by sharing her experiences on her spectacular Instagram account Healthy Happy Biz. She has been the manager behind the successful food blog ‘My New Roots’ and has established, supported and promoted numerous successful high-end plant based enterprises. Samantha was born in Australia to Malaysian parents. Her cuisine is colourful, luscious and comforting. At VeggieWorld Samantha will show you how to make a traditional Malaysian curry that will take you to worlds of flavours and happiness. Come and get inspired by Samantha’s enormous knowledge and experience of the plant based cuisine. Check out what Samantha is doing: https://www.instagram.com/healthyhappy.biz/ – The Women’s Cooking Project – After four succesfull editions in Amsterdam, The Women’s Cooking Project now joins forces with ProVeg Netherlands and takes the stage at VeggieWorld. Expect a lively program of cooking demonstrations by a variety of professional and unique female chefs, surrounded by inspirational stories. We will be addressing underrepresentation and appreciation of women in the horeca industry, building an inclusive vegan movement and the relationship between feminism and veganism. And of course, you will get to taste the fruits of this collaboration! We are honored to work together with such an important and inspiring initiative and are looking forward to sharing it with you.

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