Talk | Sustainable Family | A plantbased lifestyle for the whole family [NL]

Contributing as much as possible to a sustainable society, has become the life goal of Sustainable Family. Ellen, Nikolas and their two sons don’t stop at their own family. With their sustainable lifestyle they want to inspire many others. Plantbased nutrition is an important part of that lifestyle. Ellen got a certificate as International Vegan Chef at the Vegan Gastronomy Culinary Academy in Palma and just completed an education in Plant Based Nutrition at the Cornell University. With this knowledge they organize cooking classes. In their talk at Vegan Summer Fest they will give practical tips on how to transition to a plantbased lifestyle. Because they are convinced that it is possible for every member of the family. Follow Sustainable Family on Instagram, Facebook and their website. In their webshop they sell products for a sustainable lifestyle.

ANY PLANTS FOR the weekend?