Sustainable Fashion Innovation

Piñatex® aims to meet the challenges of our times by developing an innovative product in which commercial success is integrated with, and promotes social, ecological and cultural development. Through this vision, Ananas Anam developed Piñatex® as a natural based non-woven material that can be used as a sustainable alternative to consumers by offering a material that is a better choice for a better future. Made from pineapple leaf fibres, which is a by product of the agriculture industry, no extra land, water or pesticides are required to produce the raw material. Due to this vision, Nae was drawn into working together with Ananas Anam to produce their vegan and eco-friendly shoe brand by promoting an alternative way of producing shoes. Nae, as a company, respects the environment by proposing fair and animal-friendly alternative products that are still fashionable and made expertly with the finest materials and designed with high quality by artisans in Portugal. Ananas Anam, together with NAE are building a more sustainable future by having a low negative impact to the environment.

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