Stress Relief - sitting and standing yoga workshop (Eng)

Keep your body healthy, your mind equanimous and your emotions stress-free. Did you know you don’t not need to bend your body in the most awkward positions, lay on the floor on a yogamat wearing sports clothes, or privacy to practice yoga? Stress Relief can be very simple and effective and Tinja Ziener will show you just how to do this – even as you are sitting at a desk +8 hours a day or find yourself stuck in public transport or traffic. You will leave this workshop feeling ready to enjoy all that VeggieWorld has to offer and packed with simple and effective tricks to practice Stress Relief yoga anyware! PS: are you coming with children? There are yogaworkshops for all ages at the childrensprogram. So feel free to bring your child to the childrensprogram before joining Tinja for the Stress Relief workshop.

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