Veggieworld Team Germany

Our German team organizes the VeggieWorld locations in Germany and is involved in all international VeggieWorlds. From our office in Germany we coordinate the international team and the international growth of the fair.

Profilbild Hendrik

Hendrik Schellkes

CEO & Co-Owner Wellfairs

Linda Schäfer

Project Director

Nikolas Wiese

Bereichsleiter Messe Dortmund GmbH

Vera Oswald

Head of Communication

Julia Weber

Project Manager

Annika Wolf

Project Manager

Jenny Hallberg

Social Media Manager & Graphic Designer

Bettina Schmitz

Head of Accounting
Profilbild Lena

Lena Schindelhauer

Profilbild Laila

Laila Lghazouani

Profilbild Mavi

Mavi Schüller


VeggieWorld Team International

The contact person in your country is your point of contact for initial information as an exhibitor, speaker or journalist.

Swantje Tomalak

Project Director VeggieWorld France

Simone Fuhrmann

Project Manager VeggieWorld Switzerland (Program)

Oguz Evler

Sales Team (Turkey & Azerbaijan)

Vika Chen

Project Director VeggieWorld China