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Fouder Dewi began The Lekker Company in 2014. With only 100 glass jars, her kitchen table and Pinterest to lead the way, she was on the mission to create natural skincare products that people could feel good about using. For years, Dewi created a vast range of homemade products that she sold at markets and independent stores. It was only in 2018, when she caught the attention of the Albert Heijn Product Pitch jury, that her small-scale initiative quickly grew. The jury saw great potential to bring the Lekker vision to the shelves of Holland’s largest supermarket nationwide. Faced with an opportunity of a lifetime, Dewi decided to focus her product offering to her best-seller cream deodorant. The Lekker Company’s deodorant is still made from our original recipe but now on a much larger scale. More than 2000 stores across Europe sell The Lekker Company products, including Albert Heijn, Etos and many smaller retailers. At Lekker we want you to feel confident about what you put on your skin, that’s why we use only quality natural ingredients. Not many of us understand the INCI terms for ingredients that are listed on our cosmetics. That’s why at Lekker we like to keep things as simple and transparent as possible. All the ingredients used in Lekker products are listed in understandable term, so you can know exactly what is going onto your skin. Get effective & nourishing results without the use of synthetics and chemicals.

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